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Company Registered office Registered capital Interest in capital Research & development Manufacturing & engineering Contracting Sales Service
Burckhardt Compression AG 1  Winterthur, Switzerland CHF 2'000'000 100%
Burckhardt Compression Immobilien AG1 Winterthur, Switzerland CHF 5'000'000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (Deutschland) GmbH Neuss, Germany EUR 30'000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (Italia) S.r.l.  Milan, Italy EUR 40'000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (France) S.A.S.  Cergy Saint Christophe, France EUR 300'000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (España) S.A.  Madrid, Spain EUR 550'000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (UK) Ltd.  Bicester, United Kingdom GBP 250'000  100%
Burckhardt Compression (US) Inc.  Houston, USA USD 18'250'000  100%
Burckhardt Compression (Canada) Inc.  Mississauga, Canada CAD 200'000  100%
Burckhardt Compression (Japan) Ltd.  Tokyo, Japan JPY 50’000’000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.  Shanghai, China CNY 14’198’000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (India) Private Ltd.  Pune, India INR 331'140'000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (Brasil) Ltda.  São Paolo, Brazil BRL 5'818'000  100%
Burckhardt Compression (Middle East) FZE Dubai, United Arab Emirates AED 2'000'000 100%
Burckhardt Compression Korea Ltd.  Seoul, South Korea KRW 250’000’000 100%
Burckhardt Kompresör San. ve Tic. Ltd.  Istanbul, Turkey TRY 800’000 100%
Burckhardt Compression Singapore Pte Ltd.  Singapore, Singapore SGD 700’000 100%
Burckhardt Compression South Africa (Pty) Ltd.  Sunnyrock, South Africa ZAR 3’000’000 100%
Burckhardt Compression Korea Busan Ltd.  Busan, South Korea KRW 7’000’000’000 100%
Burckhardt Compression (Saudi Arabia) LLC Dammam, Saudi Arabia SAR 1’000’000 100%
Burckhardt Compression North America Service LLC Wilmington, USA USD 1’800’000 100%
CSM Compressor Inc. Edmonton, Canada CAD 10’000 100%
Shenyang Yuanda Compressor Co. Ltd.1 Shenyang, China CNY 100’000’000 60%
Liaoning Yuanyu Industrial Machinery Co. Ltd.  Kaiyuan, China CNY 39’000’000 60%
Shenyang Yuanda Compressor Automatic Control System Co. Ltd.2  Shenyang, China CNY 5’000’000 36%
Shenyang Yuanda Compressor Energy Service Co. Ltd.  Shenyang, China CNY 1’000’000 60%
Shenyang Yuanda Compressor Import and Export Co. Ltd.  Shenyang, China CNY 1’000’000 60%
Shenyang Yuanda Shengda Turbine Compressor Co. Ltd.2 Shenyang, China CNY 100’000’000 24%
Shunyuan Resources Recycling Equipment Industry (Liaoing) Co. Ltd.2 Shenyang, China CNY 65’000’000 24%
Compressor Tech Holding AG1 Zug, Switzerland CHF 200’000 100%
PROGNOST Systems GmbH Rheine, Germany EUR 200’000 100%
PROGNOST Systems Inc.  Houston, USA USD 240’000 100%
PROGNOST Machinery Diagnostics Equipment and Services LLC Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates AED 300'000 100%
Société d’Application du Métal Rouge SAS  Pont Sainte Marie Cedex, France EUR 501’000 100%
Arkos Group LLC  Houston, USA USD 26’250’000 100%
Arkos Field Services LP  Houston, USA 100%
Arkos Realty & Investments LP Houston, USA 100%

1 Company is directly held by Burckhardt Compression Holding AG. All other companies are indirectly held by Burckhardt Compression Holding AG.
2 Company is accounted for using the equity method. All other companies are fully consolidated.